Stretch Marks


Stretch marks are a form of scarring caused by thinning, tearing and a loss of elasticity in the deeper levels of the skin and the break down of collagen – a vital protein that keeps the skin tight and youthful.  Male or female, pregnant women, adolescent growth spurts, sudden weight loss and even body builders are affected by fresh red streaks or older purplish, shiny flecks.


At SW11 MEDICAL we have many stretch mark removal treatments to tackle this stubborn condition.  As with any scar it’s likely that it wont disappear completely, however with majority of the patients we can reduce the stretch mark width and make them significantly less obvious.  Newer stretch marks are much easier to treat as there is blood still flowing in the area. stimulate new collagen production to keep your skin soft and smooth, and minimise the marks as much as possible.



Carboxy Therapy

Carboxy therapy is successfully used to remove both old and new stretch marks in all skin types.  It involves injecting a small amount of CO2 gas into the area of the body into increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the area.  In response the body repairs the collagen matrix for good and effectively increases blood flow to the skin and regeneration of tiny blood vessels in the skin. This will with time, allow more oxygen and nutrients to reach the skin, which leads to improved elasticity, skin regeneration and tissue remodeling. Results can be seen immediately.  The number of treatments depends on the severity of the marks, generally a course of 6 treatments is recommended.




Alternative combination treatments with Growth Factor Dermapen or PRP (Platelet rich plasma) micro needling can also be used effectively for stretch marks. A sterile needle pen is used to create microscopic punctures in the skin. These intentional ‘injuries’ induce thousands of tiny, controlled wound-healing responses, which lead to further collagen production and tissue remodeling.

In order to further enhance the benefits of the medical needling, we can combine the procedure with infusion of an advanced growth factor solution or PRP (platelet rich plasma, which is also very high in growth factors – derived from your own blood)





Skin needling with a derma roller stimulates collagen and eslatin production in the area where the stretch marks are located.  Not only does skin needling stimulate the healing process, it also improves the absorption of topically applied products, thereby having a dramatic improvement in their effectiveness.  These building blocks reduce stretch mark appearance significantly.





Fraxel laser works for both old and new stretch marks that have faded.  The laser light is absorbed into the depper layers of the skin while the heat of the laser light stimulates new collagen, resulting in less or obvious stretch marks.  Fraxel laser treatments are always done in a series of treatment and therefore generlally 6 treatments are recommended, however your aesthetician will guide you.  During the healing time of 2-4 days, there will be redness and peeling of the treated area.




Ultimate 3D Shock wave

Shock wave works by stimulating the fat break down, collagen sysnthesis and lymphatic drainage.  Shockwaves is delivered by placing the probe against the area of stretch marks, as it passes over it emits Radial Waves through the skin.  3D shockwave can greatly reduce the appearance of stretchamrks as the treatment will provide improvement of blood flow to the skin and reduce the volume of fat by helping your cells flush away unwanted fatty acids.


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