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Pre and Post Cosmelan Instructions

Patient Name:

Treatment Doctor /Aesthetician :


Wash of Mask at (time):



Pre Cosmelan Treatment:


DO avoid any chemical peel or laser procedures 14 days prior to treatment with Cosmelan.

  • → Refrain from waxing or the use of other depilatory products for 7 days prior to treatment.


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Post Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment:


  • → Always avoid sun exposure as much as possible.

  • → Do NOT get another treatment or procedure (including peels, facials, or microdermabrasion) 
on the treated area for 30 days following.

  • → While maintaining on Cosmelan 2, discontinue its use for 5 days prior to waxing, and do not restart treatment until 3 days after waxing. Threading can be done normally.

  • → Day 1 (today's date...............)

  • → Wash off mask at designated time given by provider with gentle soap and water.

  • → Apply Hydravital Factor K cream to treatment area overnight.

  • → Day 2 (date.........

  • → Apply Hydravital Factor K cream.

  • → Then apply sunscreen during the day.

  • → Your skin may feel tight, warm to touch and about to peel.  This is a normal process.  Keep your skin well moisturised, avoid scratching.

  • → Day 3-30 (date..........

  • → Start Cosmelan 2, apply in morning and evening.

  • → Apply Hydravital Factor K cream 15 minutes after Cosmelan 2.

  • → Apply sunscreen last (in the morning).

  • → Schedule your 1 month follow up consultation (Appointment/ Skype date ............

  • → Month 2-6 (dates...............

  • → Apply Cosmelan 2, once a day in the evening.

  • → Apply Hydravital Factor K cream 15 minutes after Cosmelan 2.

  • → Apply sunscreen every morning.

  • → We at SW11 MEDICAL want you to have an outstanding result. If you have any questions or unexpected concerns, please call on 020-7223-5114 for assistance.

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