Psychological Consultation/ Mental Health



We can all experience stress, anxiety, sadness or distress from time to time as everyday life presents challenges and situations which affect our mental health.  However, when these feelings become overpowering and unmanageable and start interfering with our daily lives, it may be time to speak to someone who can understand, support, and help make positive changes towards a healthy mental well being.



What happens during a psychological consultation?

At SW11 MEDICAL our Psychologist is highly qualified and experienced, with many years of providing compassionate and supportive care and counselling for patients.  He is sensitive and non judgemental and will always show respect.   So you can feel at ease to discuss your needs when you feel ready to do so.


The psychological consultation will provide client centred counselling to address specific issues and concerns of the patient.  The focus will then incorporate strategies to cope with symptoms of;


→ mental illness,

→ substance abuse,

→ relationship issues,

→ managing stress,

→ trauma,

→ workplace stress,

→ bereavement (loss and grief),

→ parenting challenges,

→ managing emotions (anger, sadness, fear etc)

→ Depression\Anxiety

→ Self esteem



Ongoing counselling is problem focused, collaborative and time limited.  The first one or two appointments will involve you and your psychologist working together towards a full understanding of the current issues for you and to mutually identify clear areas for change.  Subsequent sessions will be spent working towards goals.


Various treatment options are used, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), recovery focused and strength based approaches or medication.   The next appointment time will be discussed at the end of each session.


If you feel ready to talk to someone who can help bring positive change into your life, then book your appointment today



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