Private GP Consultation/ Doctor Today


SW11 MEDICAL is pleased to offer a comprehensive range of medical services by our highly qualified specialist doctors under one roof with our doctor today programme.  Not only do you have a GP who can provide treatment for a wide range of injuries and illnesses, but all your day surgery medical, dental and aesthetic needs taken care of quickly and effectively.



What can the GP treat?

Our Doctors and nurses can treat a wide range of illnesses from new born to the elderly to meet our patient’s needs.


These are some of the symptoms you can call the Doctor today for.  Your consultation will normally be on the same day or we can arrange an online appointment if that is convenient.  Our nurses can tend to any bumps, bruises, scrapes, stitches or breaks.


→  Cold and Flu / sinus infection

→  Migraines. Headaches

→  Allergies

→  Insect bites

→  Injuries to limbs

→  Bladder infection/ UTI

→  Ear & eye infections

→  Skin problems

→  Stomach problems (digestion/ bloating. Flatulence)

→  Sexual health

→  Arthritis, joint pain, back pain, sports injuries

→  Osteoporosis

→  Mental Health (depression, anxiety, OCD, substance abuse)

→  Sore throat

→  Sprains and strains

→  Wart removal

→  Wounds and cuts

→  Yeast infection

→  Burns,

→  Stiches

→  Ingrown toe nails

→  Vaccines, Tests and Preventative care



So if you’re feeling poorly or need to see a doctor urgently call us today for an appointment.

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