Physiotherapy is a critical element in regaining lost function where there is an injury in the neuromusculoskeletel system (nerves, muscles and tendons, bones, joints, cartilage and ligaments).  Damage in any of these areas can result in pain and  substantially limits motion in the affected joints.  An effective way to reduce pain and increase function is to start moving again with the guidance of our highly trained physiotherapist.


Physiotherapists are trained medical professionals who treat individuals with injuries or health-related problems that limit their ability to move or perform their daily tasks by restoring normal pain free movement.


At SW11 MEDICAL our expert Physiotherapist will  listen to your concerns, assess and diagnose your symptoms and work to gradually rebuild your flexibility, strength, coordination, and endurance. We will educate you on what is going on within your body and why certain treatments work best. Therefore, curing the symptoms so as reduce their reoccurrence rather than just treating them.


Physical Conditions:

  • → Back and neck injuries

  • → Arthritis and joint dysfunction

  • → Tendon and ligament injuries

  • → Sprains and strains

  • → Postural dysfunction

  • → Women’s health

  • → Men’s health

  • → Chronic pain

  • → Sports injuries

  • → Whiplash

  • → Headaches

  • → Occupational repetitive strain injuries




  • → Relief from chronic and acute pain as a result of traumatic and cumulative stress injuries

  • → Recovery and functional restoration (pre-operative strength rehab and post- surgical recovery)

  • → Improved physical vitality and well-being in work, play, and sport

  • → Stress reduction and improved mental cognition

  • → Improved physical endurance and stamina - crucial in reaching higher levels of  sports performance





  • → Massage Therapy

  • → Exercise Management

  • → Strength Rehab

  • → Manual Therapy

  • → Therapeutic Exercises

  • → Therapeutic Ultrasound

  • → Running/Walking Analysis

  • → Stretching Techniques



At SW11 MEDICAL, we will help and advice you on how to achieve maximum physical function in the quickest possible time no matter how big or small your problem. As well as experts in physical therapy we also have many specialists under one roof so we take a multidisciplinary approach to enhance your treatment and care.


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