Paediatrician Consultation

Paediatrician Consultation

The outpatient Paediatric clinic provides high quality medical care for your child from birth through to adolescence. Our doctors are committed to providing the best possible personalised care for your children and recognise that children do best when they know what to expect. Therefore, building a lifelong relationship with his or her doctor and nurse is something to be treasured and trusted.


We are dedicated to all aspects of childcare and regular visits will confirm your child’s good health as well as screen for growth, emotional and development problems. As parents already know, most common illnesses in children are caused by infections, but we strive to avoid unnecessary antibiotics and medication. As well as continuity of care we are able to assess and treat a variety of acute and chronic conditions including the following:


Childhood Immunisations

→ Fevers/ Febrile seizures

→ Head Injuries

→ Nose bleeds

→ Vomiting and or Diarrhoea

→ Nutrition



Breathing difficulties due to asthma, bronchiolitis, viral coup or other viral respiratory infections

→ Respiratory problems like pneumonia

→ Childhood infections

→ Injuries and ingestions

→ Kidney problems and urinary tract infections

→ Eczema


Travel vaccinations and recommendations

→ Stress management

→ Cyber bullying

→ Puberty and Sexual health

→ HPV Vaccine

→ Drug abuse


We understand the health of your child can be a stressful time for the family, we are here to offer advice, prevention, assessment and treatment in a relaxed, friendly and caring environment.

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