Stem cell therapy hair loss


Our hair follicles have stem cells that help in hair growth. These cells helps to grow new follicles, thus new hair can grow on the scalp. This therapy gained popularity over the last few years. Stem cell therapy can be used to treat many medical diseases along with hair restoration.


Growth Factors are protein molecules which are naturally produced by our bodies. Different growth factors do different things. Growth factors function to regulate cell division and cell survival.

Stem cells have the ability to self-renew or multiply, meaning that they can repair and replace tissue in the human body. In other words, stem cells have the power to heal.


Every receptor on a cell has its own unique shape that can only receive a specific Growth Factor—almost like a key fitting into a lock. Once a Growth Factor and a receptor join, an electrical signal is sent to the nucleus of the cell, which either creates new cells or changes existing cells.




The Stem Cell Hair Technology Factor Program  contains nine (9) essential growth factors and multi complex proteins which stimulate the hair follicle look thicker and fuller. The program also:

  • Unblocks the follicle entrance
  • Reduces excessive oil
  • Kills bacteria caused by dandruff and inflammation
  • Enhances stem cell metabolism activity, opening the delivery
  • channel for nutrients
  • Enhances nutrient delivery to the stem cell
  • Stem cell hair growth factors inhibit DHT
  • Provide essential nutrients and growth factors to stimulate the dermal layer to prolong and strengthen hair roots

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