Back pain treatment

surgery of spine2

If you have any back or spine problems and would like to discuss it as well as your results of MRI, CT or X-Ray results, you are welcome. The variety of options for treatment and everyday dealing with back pain, discopathy or spinal stenosis is enormous.


Spine and Peripheral Nerve Disorders: Neurosurgical evaluation of neck and back pain, spine surgery, discopathy,  herniated intervertebral discs,  spondylosis,  spondylolisthesis, spinal canal stenosis and spinal cord compression syndromes, nerve compression syndromes  such as carpal tunnel syndrome.



We offer an analysis of your health according especially to the spine, brain and nerves. Pain, walking difficulty, numbness, vertigo should be properly diagnosed. If you do not have any diagnosis, we can refer you to the particular tests, if needed.


The surgery of spine is considered a last resort and used only if other spine therapy methods are not working. But if drugs, rehabilitation, work modification is not effective, we may consider perispinal pain killer or steroid injections or spine surgery.

surgery of spine

Spine surgery may be performed in the Department of Neurosurgery in hospital in Bydgoszcz, Poland. This is one of the largest neurosurgical wards in Poland, with more than 2300 procedures per year. Your neurosurgeon will discuss with you all the options, perform the surgery and be available for the follow up in London.


Dr Piotr Zielinski MD PhD Neurosurgeon

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