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Mgr Dorota Amador Bueno, BSc, MSc

Specialist Clinical Dietitian working for 15 years in the UK prominent Dietetics Departments.


HCPC registration number: DT08581


Member of the British Dietetic Association, registration number: 7976


Enthusiastic Dietitian who proves that appropriate diet helps to prevent and treat medical disorders.


Supports patients to improve health by implementing personalised and evidence-based nutritional plans according UK standards.


In private practice focuses on weight management for aesthetic reasons and to reduce medical complications. Her dietary advice together with Aesthetic Medicine specialist procedures help to improve body shape and function.


Motivates patients to Lose Weight, improve Blood Glucose Control, reduce Cholesterol, and High Blood Pressure to prevent serious Cardiac and other medical problems.



Has higher qualifications in the fields of Diabetes in adults and children, Hormonal disorders, including PCOS and Gastroenterology.


Consults patients with IBS and other bowel problems and those undertaking Colonic Hydrotherapy.


Advises on food intolerance and allergies.


Instructs on sport nutrition.


Wrote a Master Thesis on Nutrition in Pregnancy and Gestational Diabetes.


Works in a Multidisciplinary Team, experienced in individual consultations, groups and workshops.


Ms Bueno completed Bachelor degree in Dietetics at the University of Natal in South Africa and Masters of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics in Warsaw. Her first job after graduation 2001 was at a teaching Royal Liverpool University Hospital, a centre of excellence in many medical fields. During the 10 years working at the Royal Liverpool Hospital she received further trainings and gained experience in all fields of Clinical Dietetics. She provided nutrition care for inpatients in High Dependence Units, on the wards in Diabetic Medicine, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Haematology and Oncology, as well consultations in outpatients clinics. She became a Senior Specialist Dietitian and after she obtained the Qualifications in Diabetes Care from Warwick University, she became the Dietetic Clinical Lead in Diabetes Services and was involved in teaching Dietetics at University of Liverpool and John Moore’s University.



Her other main area of practice is dietary treatment of gastroenterological problems, such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), diverticulitis, coeliac disease and she is trained in 2016 at King’s College in London to use the FODMAP approach, which is revolutionary in treatment of IBS.


In 2012 Ms Bueno became the Lead Diabetes Dietitian in Paediatric Services in Worcestershire and she continues to consult adult patient in General Dietetic Clinic.


Ms Bueno is skilled in conducting assessment of dietary intake, medical history and blood tests results to formulate achievable dietary plans based on the individual requirements and up to date nutritional guidelines in various areas of dietetics and advises on sport nutrition. She uses motivational interviewing and advanced counselling skills to evoke behaviour change, addresses the psychological aspects of compliance with a dietary plans and helps with adapting recipes and menu planning.

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