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Gentleman’s Genitals

      The scrotum comes in every shape, size and colour and made of many layers of muscle.  For some men a sticky, constricted, irritated scrotum and sweaty genitals can be very uncomfortable, embarrassing as well as affecting sexual performance and confidence.  With age the male scrotum begins to sag giving way to unsightly…
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IVVive® Men – Mens Sexual Wellness

IVVive® Men Enhancement of Mens Sexual Wellness.   IVVive® uses the latest technology for penile revival. It can be combined with P-shot® or used on its own. (see also P-shot by Dr Andre).   IVVive® Men is IV (intravenous) injection of a combination of essential and non-essential amino acids Arginine, Ornitine, Citrulline all participating in…
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